Help. Does their marketing need it?

Working in marketing, I find unique inspiration daily. It seems cliché but it’s absolutely true. My Feedly is full of digital, branding and retail design websites and blogs, covering personal and work-related topics. They give me ideas for my own blogs, or serve as links to share online and in the office. It was through Feedly, several years ago, […]

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Things you might see in Amsterdam: many Mario Bros on a beer bike

Social media offers so many opportunities for connectivity. We can debate with people we’ve never met, or share advice across different timezones. At it’s heart, social media is all about people and how they interact. Here’s my own light-hearted, first-hand account. The weekend of Friday 20-22 March brought me much amusement. No, it wasn’t maniacal laughter […]

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Quotable: Leonard Nimoy

The highly-respected actor, director and photographer (amongst many other things), Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away at the end of February 2015. Best known for his portrayal of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek franchise, he was well-regarded as a man of great wisdom and compassion. He also exuded an exceptional calmness, likely absorbed from his […]

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