Help. Does their marketing need it?

Working in marketing, I find unique inspiration daily. It seems cliché but it’s absolutely true. My Feedly is full of digital, branding and retail design websites and blogs, covering personal and work-related topics. They give me ideas for my own blogs, or serve as links to share online and in the office. It was through Feedly, several years ago, […]

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Quotable: Sir John Hegarty

When the world zigs, zag. Vorsprung durch Technik. Both of these famous advertising sign-offs, for Levi Strauss and Audi respectively, were devised by world-renowned agency, BBH. The ‘H’ is better known as Sir John Hegarty, creative director and founder of the agency, respected across the industry and a man who knows a thing or two thousand. His beliefs are […]

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Marketing with humour requires considered brand guidelines

  From a marketing perspective, it’s always interesting to watch a brand evolve, particularly one founded on guidelines that intend to be effective though amusing content. A prime example is the Natural Confectionery Company. They have recently launched a new round of television adverts once again promoting their product through humour. This humour aspect has allowed the […]

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All I need is a stage…

…and now I have one. Welcome to my site, my life, my world. Here I’ll be blogging about everything from marketing to design, sport to leisure, films to literature, and much more – all topics are up for discussion. I will also be available to write commissioned blogs. For more information please go to ‘get […]

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