We all live in the House of Mouse

I’ve been dreaming about Disney+. Wandavision was stunning television, featuring one of the best lines ever in modern film or television: “What is grief, if not love persevering?” Thanks to this, and it’s ever-increasing back catalogue, its subscribers are rapidly rising… With more MCU TV shows on the horizon, these numbers are only going one […]

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Celebrity marketing: tired trope or misused asset?

Continuing my mini-series assessing the quotes of advertising mogul David Ogilvy, read part one here – David Ogilvy’s definition of ‘pure’ advertising is digital PR – I examine his thoughts around the use of celebrity marketing and how the marketing legend might have been wrong… Even since David Ogilvy’s death in the late 90s, marketing has shifted and evolved. To understand how, you only need […]

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Quotable: Leonard Nimoy

The highly-respected actor, director and photographer (amongst many other things), Leonard Nimoy sadly passed away at the end of February 2015. Best known for his portrayal of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek franchise, he was well-regarded as a man of great wisdom and compassion. He also exuded an exceptional calmness, likely absorbed from his […]

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Cracking Cracked Content

One of my favourite sources for entertaining content is Cracked. A site that features humour-based articles, videos, photoshops and more – I visit it daily. The main draw for me is it’s frequent ‘numbers’ articles which raise awareness of fascinating facts and events from a broad range of subjects. Be warned, there can be a […]

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Five examples of great literature – fantasy, alternate history and post-apocalyptic stories

When it comes to literature I will read just about anything. However I have grown to love fantasy, alternate history and apocalypse-based stories. This blog is a selection from the aforementioned categories that really stand out for me. To put a caveat on this list – it isn’t meant to be my top five of all […]

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