Chronicle I: Hack Farm, Jenson Button, Star-Lord and more

In the first of a new series of posts, I’ll be writing a regular round-up of news, blogs, tweets, images… (you get the idea) that peaked my interest. The items chosen will fit with the blog categories that I post here.

Without a further ado, this is Chronicle, edition one:

Digital – Hack Farm
UX Consultants and Web Design Agency, Clearleft, embark on a yearly ritual where they retreat to green pastures to ‘work on something fun’.

Each year they pitch an idea and then once chosen, deliver a digital solution. This year they developed the brilliant Blood Buddies.

Sport – Premier League TV rights
The chart above says it all really, but the latest television rights for the Premier League were secured this week, as Sky and BT both retained their packages for the next three seasons, at a total cost of £5.1 billion.

The increase in price is phenomenal, working out at over £10 million per game, with the split 5:2 in favour of Sky. Well, they did stump up £4.18 billion of the total!

The new price means that the bottom club will receive around £99 million. Even more reason for my beloved Derby County to win promotion this year and finish at least 17th in the Premier League next season.

Film – Fifty Shades of Grey
How can this week go by without me mentioning one of the most anticipated films of 2015? Yes, Fifty Shades of Grey has been released.

Anticipated it is, but absolutely not by me. The less said about the quality of the book itself the better, but as of Valentine’s Day 2015, the film holds an IMDB rating of 3.4/10 from over 20,000 reviews. It’s a stinker, but one that will likely reap a fortune at the box office.

In addition, it has multiple marketing tie-ins, from the expected such as Durex and Trojans, to the slightly more bizarre CarpetRight and B&Q. Intrigued? I’ll Let the The Drum explain.

Media – Captain America vs Star-Lord
As well as taking the box office by storm, two of the leading actors from the Marvel movies cemented their real-life hero credentials this week. Noted NFL fans Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) made a bet before Super Bowl XLIX, where the loser would visit the other’s chosen charity in full costume.

Evans’ Patriots defeated Pratt’s Seahawks in a brilliant game, so the honourable star of Guardians Of The Galaxy visited Christopher’s Haven in Boston in Star-Lord attire. Evans accompanied him, bringing along a Tom Brady jersey just to rub it in.

Even more brilliant news was revealed when, even as winner, Evans said he would be visiting Seattle Children’s Hospital in return.

And while you’re at it, you can donate to these two organisations via their websites, Christopher’s Haven and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Derby – Jenson Button Triathlon
On a more local scale, I was delighted to attend the HUUB Design event at the University of Derby where they announced that 2009 F1 World Champion Jenson Button would be bringing his triathlon to the city.

HUUB Managing Director, Dean Jackson spoke at his excitement in being part of the team that persuaded Jenson to make the move from Luton, allowing for greater participation and spectator numbers.

Swim-bike-run, as triathlon is known, has seen significant growth in the UK, especially since the success of HUUB ambassadors, the Brownlee brothers, who won Gold and Bronze at London 2012.

The event will take place in Markeaton Park on July 12. Get training!

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