Masters of time


Up until very recently my interest in watches had significantly waned. Not due to their design or style, but purely because I have a mobile phone to tell the time. Of course this is a ridiculous attitude to have as a stylish watch is more than just a functional timepiece – it offers an insight into your character and often reflects your personality.

Reigniting my passion for the product was the Bremont brand through my links with Watts1858 of Derby. Founded by brothers Giles and Nick English, Bremont combines classic boardroom-style watches with strengths to survive in the harshest of environments – as represented by it’s brand ambassadors Jake Meyer, Graham Bell and Sara Campbell.

Bremont recently launched the limited edition P-51 Mustang which includes original aluminium metal from one particular famous World War Two Mustang. Limited to only 251 pieces this is a stunning chronometer.

In terms of price range it’s sadly out of mine, but I will endeavour to save to own one of Bremont’s many other astonishing and detailed timepieces.

For more information on Bremont and many other jewellery and watch brands contact Watts1858 in Derby.

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