Content marketing success from We Buy Any Car

Content, content, content.

I know I say it a lot and I’m sure others do too. Content marketing has become a crucial segment of modern-day marketing. In its most basic form it can be an insightful blog that adds value to a reader’s working or personal life. However brands are now being far more creative with their efforts. One example this week was We Buy Any Car‘s version of the driving theory test.


Combining nostalgia and competition, this simple quiz challenges customers to answer 10 questions found on the UK driving theory test. There may be those who got their licence before the theory test was introduced in 1996, so this will be new to them. This is likely to increase its shareability among these older drivers.

Equally important when developing content, especially more creative ideas, is the prominent position of sharing options and a call to action. Without these you risk immediate disengagement. We Buy Any Car allows you to share your score, increasing exposure for their brand, combined with a direct instruction, ‘Value my car’. Consumers are more likely to share their better scores, challenging their friends and families to try and beat them. After all, we all love a bit of friendly competition.


We Buy Any Car’s marketing has come along way since the early days of it’s irritatingly catchy advertising. They’re now a real player in the used car market. And if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, We Buy Any Car must be doing something right when so many other similar businesses now exist –,,, and the very specific

Why not take the test for yourself and see how your road knowledge stacks up? I now challenge them to develop their own version of the dreaded hazard perception test. That will definitely shock a few old timers.

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