The advertising worked: a moment of self-awareness


There’s no doubt that marketing works. It influences almost every purchasing decision we make. But how often can you pinpoint the exact campaign or advert that led you to that decision?

Working for a creative agency all about making marketing happen, I am perhaps more inclined to notice the b2c marketing campaigns and strategies that bombard us every day. I will actively watch television adverts, read the billboards on the drive to work and pay attention to banner advertising online. The latter, from wallet brand Bellroy, inspired this blog.

I’d been considering purchasing a new wallet for a while, but it certainly wasn’t a necessity. I took a look in the shops when I was out and about but I was nowhere near making that all important decision to buy. It wasn’t until I saw an online advert on one of my favourite websites, Cracked, that I knew would soon be making a purchase.

The Bellroy advert below grabbed me with a graphic that visually revealed a problem that bugs me, a bulky wallet, alongside a slimline and immaculate alternative. Linking through to a web page all about tips on how to slim a wallet… I was caught hook, line and sinker.

From then on each stage of the customer journey, including some very fun and engaging videos, persuaded me that purchasing a Bellroy wallet was the right decision. What made this purchase different was the fact that I was fully aware of exactly how I had come across this brand and the various stages of the journey that ultimately persuaded me to buy.

And in case you were wondering, following some pondering, I decided to buy the Note Sleeve in Blue Steel.

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