Things you might see in Amsterdam: many Mario Bros on a beer bike

Social media offers so many opportunities for connectivity. We can debate with people we’ve never met, or share advice across different timezones. At it’s heart, social media is all about people and how they interact. Here’s my own light-hearted, first-hand account.

The weekend of Friday 20-22 March brought me much amusement. No, it wasn’t maniacal laughter following another shambolic Derby County defeat; it was actually my Stag Do. Aside from the guest list, I’d had absolutely no involvement in the planning of the destination, activities or the theme for the inevitable fancy dress. But, that’s the way it should be for the Stag. The destination turned out to be Amsterdam and following a fun Friday with no sign of fancy dress, all was revealed the next day.

The theme: Super Mario Bros.

However, being the Stag, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be dressed like one of the famous brothers, instead I had the pleasure of impersonating Princess Peach for the day. I therefore ventured out into central Amsterdam surrounded by six Mario’s and six Luigi’s.

The shouts and photos from passersby were endless, especially during the first activity, the Beer Bike. Here, one of the best pictures of the whole weekend was taken – completely without our knowledge.

What I like most of all (aside from the great picture) is how social media allowed me to find this post. There were numerous pictures taken by passersby and a lot probably ended up on private Facebook or Snapchat profiles, therefore effectively invisible.  I only found this image after curiosity got the better of me and I searched Twitter to see if we made an appearance. Sure enough, we did.

There are for more positive uses for social media and online interactions, but this one moment captures so many different emotions. For me, it was the fun of my Stag Do, the memories it holds as well as everything it represents for my future. For @gollepolle, the amusement at seeing six Mario’s, six Luigi’s and one very pretty, but slightly too tall Princess Peach traversing Amsterdam.

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