We can only create a London 2012 legacy together

There’s no question that London 2012 exceeded the expectations expected by much of the British press and public. The worries expressed before the flame was lit of a potentially poor opening ceremony, problems with security and even concerns over our medal hopes were all blown apart. The Games were outstanding, but the more important task starts now – building on this momentum to create a ‘legacy’.

These Games, more than ever before, opened our eyes to the multitude of sports that we actually compete in. For some it’s also revealed what we excel at; rowing and cycling standing tall. However to create a legacy, this interest needs to maintain its momentum to ensure these sports, and others, can grow.

This needs to be initiated by government grants and private funding to create the awareness and build the passion of the general public. Nevertheless this can only succeed with support of the media. Will the national press or Sky Sports News be reporting detailed news of our cyclists or our rowers in six months time? What about our hockey players or kayakers? Without this coverage, public participation will suffer and businesses will not be as keen to invest in sponsorship.

British sport is making great strides with facilities at Loughborough University and the soon to be fully opened St. George’s Park. To ensure success in Rio in 2016, support for the sports we have been thrilled to watch during these Games needs to be carefully considered with a unified approach from the government, businesses, media and the public.

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