Will competitors take a bite out of Apple?

I for one have never been a huge fan of Apple as a company. Their massive self-hype, apparent ignorance to mistakes and ability to empty consumer wallets with seemingly similar products are often traits of global businesses disliked by the masses. Nevertheless they have retained loyalty through a combination of immovable ‘fanboys’ and the ability to entice new customers through innovation.

There’s no doubt that in Jobs’ second stint at Apple, he rejuvenated the company including the creation and evolution of thee standout products – iPod, iPhone and iPad. Each of these products are almost synonyms for their respective markets and competitors will face a fight to beat these apparent market leaders. The largest threat Apple presently faces is from Google’s Android, an OS now installed on HTC, Samsung and Motorola smartphones to name just a few.

Whatever your views on Jobs or Apple, it’s difficult to ignore the huge impact he, and his company, have had on technological innovation. The effect of a Jobs-less Apple is an intriguing issue to keep watch on over the coming few months.

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