Something of a restart

Writing is hard.

Remembering to write is hard.

Remembering to write regularly is hard.

(You get the idea).

Having failed miserably to write anything even vaguely on a schedule since late 2017, this is a very public and personal promise to do more.

Every two weeks in fact.

That’s my plan.

Ideally, I will publish something new and bang on about it across Twitter and LinkedIn.

Generally it will all be geared around digital PR, search, content and social media – and everything that comes with those topics, including leadership and advocacy angles.

Do check out my older stuff too. Essentially anything before this post.

But I won’t pigeon-hole myself too much so expect posts on marketing and comms in general.

Wonderfully shoehorned subjects will make an appearance – you have been warned.

Please look out for them. Likes, shares and comments are appreciated.

Abuse also welcome.

Let’s go.

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Dad, digital marketeer at Tank PR, Derby County fan, film buff, book worm and husband. In that order, but don't tell the wife.