Top five Christmas stocking fillers

The brilliant T3 have recently posted their Top 50 stocking fillers for the 2012 festive season. I’ve taken a look, and in no particular order here are my Top five from their 50

1) Isotoner gloves


Available from Firebox, these gloves are great for any smartphone user who find themselves constantly on the go with their phone. From queuing in the cold for the bus to sitting watching your football team lose again, these gloves offer your fingers respite from the cold.

2) Chop Sabres


Another addition from Firebox – this time for the food loving Star Wars fan (aren’t they all?) – chop stick sabres! Sadly these sabres will not cut your meat as easily as their larger counterparts did to Darth Maul.

3) CoverScout


Probably the most vain and overpriced item out of these five, but somehow CoverScout at Equinux still retains some charm. It will search your iTunes collection, find the songs missing artwork, and add in the most relevant image it can find in it’s library.

4) Han Solo in Carbonite Tray


The second Star Wars related item courtesy of Firebox is a silicone tray that allows you to recreate the most famous static pose in movie history for ice, chocolate or even a non-edible substance. Just watch out for the Wookie.

5) Logitech iPad Joystick


My favourite item out of these five is this iPad Joystick from Logitech. Kind of defeating the point of a touch screen but the nonetheless adding functionality to iPad games. Plus I can use it when playing Madden.

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