About me

Like anyone when their stuff is being read, I hope the purpose is clear, and easy to understand.

Let’s see…

If you’ve found this, I hope you’ve found the purpose of why I’m writing… simply it’s to share career advice, mentoring, personal experience, and guidance.

Largely this will be connected to marketing, but I hope it appeals to those outside of it as well.

But it won’t be as dry as that, I promise!

Those posts will do the talking, but here’s a bit more about me first.

I’m Dave 👋

I’m a marketing and social media specialist with nearly 15+ years experience in agency and in-house marketing life.

With huge support, guidance, and incredible opportunities, I’ve progressed and developed a career I’m immensely proud of.

I’ve definitely made plenty of mistakes too!

I’ve written about things I’ve seen, loved, and hated in marketing for many of those years on my blog, and on LinkedIn too, of course.

(You can still read those archive posts – just look for anything with ‘Archive’ in front of the title).

But far too inconsistently.

I love what I do, and I want that to come across in what I write.

I’m told it does, but that’s for you to judge, and tell me either way.

I’m also a massive supporter of mentoring and encouragement-led line management, and will always talk to anyone seeking to develop in their career – whether they’re just starting out or have been doing it for years.

Which brings me back here…

I’m now determined to share as much of my career experience and advice as I can, with this place becoming a hub for anyone seeking career advice, inspiration or even reassurance – whatever their experience or specialism.

I’ve been there and done a lot – with more still to do – but I hope what I write helps you with whatever you want to achieve.

I also carry out mentoring work outside of my day-to-day role, so I’m massively keen to give back.

For absolute clarity, I’m far too self-aware to claim that I know all the answers, even if I do have strong opinions on certain aspects of marketing.

(Please don’t get me started about self-proclaimed ‘gurus’)

Of course, like any marketing principle you’ll often see ‘it depends’ written in much of what I write – it’s our favourite phrase in digital after all!|

But I’ll present as many different options as possible that I hope at least one triggers that something inside your brain that says “hey, that could be me”.

And if it makes you think, I’ll consider that a good job done.

Please read and share your thoughts in any and all of the comments – I’d really appreciate it.



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